Teach for Liberia

To ensure stability and peace, education is at the forefront of Liberia’s revitalization movement and will serve as the catalyst for systemic change. Nearly half the population of school-age children are not enrolled. Those that do are typically operating several grades behind, many with instructors who are not fully qualified to teach. Liberia has one of the highest over-age populations of children in primary school with students ranging from ages 4-13 in Kindergarten. By UN estimates over 62 percent of children are out of school, the world’s highest proportion. By all metrics the education sector in Liberia is in crisis.

Teach For Liberia’s mission is to build the movement to expand educational opportunity by enlisting Liberia’s most promising future leaders. TFL recruits and trains teachers for a commitment term of two years and supports them to build the capacity of the education sector far beyond their time in the classroom.

By building a cadre of the country’s most promising future leaders who commit two years to teach in areas of educational need and to fight for Liberia’s educational and social restoration through their careers, Teach For Liberia will have critical short and long-term impacts. During their two-year commitment, participants will go beyond traditional expectations to ensure that students have access to an excellent education academically and civically. Informed by their experience as teachers, TFL alumni will go on to become school and district leaders, advocates, and entrepreneurs who work together with many others to change a system that leaves so many children behind.