KEEP – Kids Educational Engagement Project

Funds from GNF are being used at The Nyakoi Bee Elementary, junior and Senior High School has a population of 1, 245 students (664 boys and 581 girls) with classes from pre-school to 12 grades. The school has 22 teachers.

Recognizing the foundational role reading plays in educational development of children,
KEEP is dedicated to promoting a culture of reading in Liberia. We look to achieve this in three ways:
public access to a variety of books through the establishment of reading spaces –mini libraries – we “Reading Rooms;” trainings of teachers focused on reading strategies intended to equip the teachers in the application of the strategies leading to greater literacy; weekly reading sessions; each week, including a variety of activities such as storytelling (the kids read to us or we read with them), coloring, and word games.

Additionally a seed fund for 2 women’s groups is being established to serve provide micro loans from which mothers can access funds to start mini-commercial trades that will provide economic financial support to their families, thereby helping to free up time for their children to participate in the reading programs all whole supporting their economic needs.

The goal of the project is to establish a library at this school and also train the teachers on techniques to promote reading. The establishment of book clubs, spelling contests, storytelling hours, arts sessions, and other educational programs, are implemented to engender and sustaining interests of parents, teachers and students. “I Can Read” Reading Sessions which KEEP utilizes volunteers from the teaching staff and community.