How We Work

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”
– Margaret Mead

Healthy mother and baby in Liberia

Our Mission:

Global Neighborhood Fund strengthens underserved communities by providing grassroots grants in developing countries.

Since our founding in 2010 we have provided over $400,000 in grants creating life changing and life saving opportunities for those we serve through our partners. Projects target the root causes of poverty and social inequality and strengthen communities. Members and friends are invited to attend educational events, learn together and connect personally with award winning social entrepreneurs and grassroots change makers. We are all volunteer, proudly underwriting our activities so that every dollar raised through our collective giving and donations goes directly to our projects. All members are invited to join the grant committee and participate in vetting new projects and determining annual grants. Global Neighborhood is a Field of Interest Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation.

We Believe In:

  • Supporting the wisdom and experience of local communities
  • Strategies that promote sustainability for our grantees
  • Addressing the fundamental causes of poverty and inequity
  • Inspiring global giving and awareness of global issues through education events
  • Providing longer term grants to allow greater capacity for success

Where We Work

In 2010 founding members Nancy Koppleman, Sandra Tyler and Connie Smith visited war torn Liberia through the Philanthropy Secretariat of Liberia.  They met with government officials, villagers, and NGO’s providing  the opportunity to see first hand the challenges the Liberian people face as the country recovers from devastating civil war ending 2003.   

Schools, roads and infrastructure were destroyed and the economy disrupted.  The fabric of society was torn apart leaving many vulnerable.  There was a lack of clean water and sanitation, healthcare, education and jobs.  80% unemployment  resulted in extreme poverty with many earning only $1 a day.  

Two outstanding female leaders emerged to help rebuild peace and civil society, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Lemah Gbowee, both winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. President Sirleaf was the first democratically elected female president in Africa and recognized by Newsweek as One of the Top 10 World Leaders.

In late March 2014 Liberia suffered again with the Ebola outbreak.  Liberia had only 50 doctors to serve its population of 4.3 million.  The Liberian people and our grantees worked diligently to recover and today Liberia is Ebola free.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Lemah Gbowee
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