In 2017, THINK received $15,000 from the Global Neighborhood Fund…

THINK Safe Homes received 13 new admissions of human trafficking cases referred by World Hope International, 1 rape case referred by the One Stop Center at Duport Road One Stop Center and 2 in contact with the law (Run Away cases) this first quarter of 2017.

Age disaggregation: (0 – 5) 0, (6 – 12) 13 (13 – 17) 3, (> 18) 0 residents. The residents went for follow up hospital visits and police investigations. The 16 residents received individual counseling and were participants of group – counseling. The survivors participated in creative art, recreation and educational activities. At present, there are 13 survivors in the safe home. Three girls referred to THINK August 27, 2016, for protection from Female Genital Cutting were reunified with caregivers March 25, 2017. The girls are happy in their new home and have been enrolled in school.

THINK provided literacy and numeracy classes for the 10 clients that are divided into three levels using the Alternative to Basic Education (ABE) curriculum.

All of the children received initial medical assessment and had follow up medical visits and follow up visits to the police at the offices of the Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS) at various Police Stations.
(Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS), Central Police Station, Zone 8 Base and Zone 5 Base, Zone 1 Base and Zone 4 Base).

THINK continues to supervise and provide medical and psychosocial counseling as part of the team at the One Stop Center for survivors of SGBV in two of the five facilities in Monrovia.  During the month of March 2017, 39 survivors reported of which 2 were adult women, 1 male and 36 females all children under 18 years of age.

During the month of March 2017, a team from The Life Center Family Worship of Pennsylvania, USA visited and ministered to the residents and staff of THINK. They gave donations of books and educational materials, clothing, food items toys and toiletries in three barrels.

THINK safe home also received a donation of 50 dresses, under clothes, and toys from a philanthropist group in London. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to all who continue to donate to THINK. Gifts in kind are always used by the residents most of whom come with just the clothes that they arrive in.

Three staff of THINK went for capacity building training during this first quarter:

  • One person attended a five-week training in Lagos, Nigeria as part of The Young African Leadership Initiative, West Africa Regional Leadership Center (YALI-RLC), from February 24 – April 2, 2017. THINK will serve as her supervisor as she does her internship with us in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health by conducting comprehensive sexuality education in schools from grades 1 – 12, in six schools in the ELWA Community, Paynesville.
  • Two persons attended the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61) meetings in Manhattan, New York, March 14 – 24, 2017. This was the first time staff of THINK attended this auspicious meeting. THINK has worked over the years to promote the rights of women and children, especially adolescent girls. Our main focus has been on responding to and providing training on the prevention of SGBV in communities and providing training for women’s economic empowerment as well.
  • International Day 2017 “ Be Bold For Change”
    This year is the last year of presidency for our President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. A two-day event was planned with the first day being a colloquium was held where women from a cross section of the country discussed where we have come from and where we want to go in our pursuit  for gender equality and equity, economic empowerment and political participation among other things. On the second day, March 8, 2017, the Liberian women honored President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her two terms of service and development given to the country. The best thing she did as a leader was to maintain peace and stability! The two days were very colorful and women filled the perimeter of the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Stadium. I heard comments from men and passersby that they didn’t know there were so many women in Monrovia.

School Assistance For Young Women In University or Professional Studies

Three young women:

  • Mercy Garmai Murphy, is a Junior Student in the School of Agriculture at the University of Liberia. She has been engaged with her studies and has made us proud as an institution. She just announced to THINK that she got engaged and plans to get married on May 27, 2017.
  • Ruth Dorcus Lloyd, is a young woman that serves as the part-time Teacher at the THINK Safe Home. She has two interests for her professional career: Teaching and Nursing. I convinced her to start with the teaching profession first, as we need more female teachers in classrooms for the protection of female students in schools. She enrolled in the LICOSESS Mobile Teachers Training College, in Paynesville.
  • Effort Davies, whom we originally approved for college assistance, wants to attend the University of Liberia and study Sociology but she has not yet taken the entrance exam. However, THINK was able to assist Monica Sebo, one of our first graduates from the THINK Home, who is in Grand Gedeh County (Southeastern Liberia) attending the Grand Gedeh County Community College School of Nursing. She is in her second semester there. We were able to provide her tuition, stethoscope and other school materials required for her entry.

The tuition and fees for this semester for the three ladies are needed soon. The amount of $500.00 per young woman is sufficient for them as they are able to pay for tuition, transportation, lunch money, pamphlets and other materials from this amount.

Computer classes: THINK has moved her offices to the location of where the THINK Home used to be. After renovations and setting up, the computer classes will commence. We have recruited a teacher for this new venture.
We had to replace the laptop for one of the visually impaired students when his computer refused to turn on. He is in his junior year at the Tubman University, Harper City Maryland County (Southeastern Liberia).

We thank The Global Neighborhood Fund and The Santa Barbara Foundation for your much appreciated funding, partnership and support!